Welcome to Overdrive, a fansite dedicated to Tales of Berseria's Eizen; it was opened on 30 December 2017 and is a part of Fayth.

Eizen is one of my favorite characters in the Tales of series, and the main reason that I picked up Berseria. Through this site, I hope to share what I appreciated and enjoyed the most about his writing. Please note that there are unmarked spoilers for both Berseria and Tales of Zestiria.

Thanks for dropping by. Stay updated.

Who is Eizen? A free spirit, an explorer, and a pirate.

Eizen is a main character and the fourth character to join Velvet in Tales of Berseria. The hapless skipper of Van Aifread's pirate crew, he prizes adventure and the right to lead his life above all else. His gray morality and severe countenance belie a fiery passion for history that tends to cloud his otherwise sound judgment, and he is an avid collector of antiques. He loves his sister, Edna, and initially embarked on a journey to cure his curse, which brings misfortune to those around him.

Eizen's true name is Uzfmiwuw Uexuv, which translates to Explorer Eizen. The other rendition of his name supplied by the localization is Ufemew Wexub, but this spelling does not conform to the fan base's accepted cypher.

  • Eizen is a significant side character in Tales of Zestiria, but his final design was not released until Berseria's debut.
  • Eizen and Edna are both left-handed, and she wears a couple of his hand-me-downs. The unkempt long hair runs in the family.
  • His favorite color is black, reflected in the palette of his clothes.
  • Eizen wears reading glasses, and his penmanship is said to be refined.
  • While he's a thousand years old, Eizen bears the appearance of a 30-year-old. Surprisingly, although JRPGs tend to favor younger characters, he ranked in 2017 as the most popular character of his game.
  • Due to the perilous nature of his curse, Eizen proclaims himself the Reaper.
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